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Why choose advertising agency DU,
and not someone else?

Design Underlined is a 15-year-old, one-man advertising agency and photography studio from Tampere. My ambitious goal is to offer all my customers the best possible service at competitive prices.

So what separates us from many others?


Advertising agency Design Underlined has been around since 2008, and for good reason. DU is not looking for quick profits, but is genuinely interested in helping customers stand out from their competitors. The only way to succeed in this industry is to make our customers successful, and we work for that with passion. At DU, we are not afraid of hard work and always roll up your sleeves with a smile when faced with new challenges.


Our core areas of expertise are graphic design, photography, videography and web design. The platform doesn’t matter, we design print and digital media. The techniques and software of both are well under control. We follow the field and know the trends and the latest fads, but our starting point is always without exception elegance, timelessness and usability.


When we accept the assignment, it will also be carried out to the end with honor and on the agreed schedule. Perhaps it is the reliability that has made cooperation with larger advertising agencies possible. Our customers and partners can always be sure of getting the best quality and always on time. Sometimes it requires stretching, but delivering a quality product within the deadline is one of our most important values.

So that this doesn’t come across as mere advertising jargon,
so here are the opinions of a few customers: